Electus Matari is a pro-Republican, anti-slavery alliance. The member entities of Electus Matari are independent corporations loyal to the Minmatar Republic, who seek to strengthen and develop the Republic in order to support her people, her government, and her military forces. Basically, we're all-around good guys. We don't pirate, and are active in fighting piracy. We fight pro-slavery corporations and anyone who is interested in harming our Republic. We also have a strong industrial arm - it's what lets us afford to keep fighting.

If you wish to contact Electus Matari via neocom, direct your connection to “Public-EM

Electus Matari is composed of the following organizations, if you're interested in learning more and joining one of our corporations please click on the appropriate corporation below:

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If you are a new member of Electus Matari it is important that you read the new member orientation under the Electus Matari secure section.

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Out Of Character (OOC): Electus Matari is a roleplaying alliance. That means that we, the players, play characters which are different from us, and who are members of the alliance. Our characters do live in the EVE universe, and we expect our members to act as if they live in this universe. We accept Prime Fiction as written by CCP as true, and play accordingly. Many of our members practice full-immersion RP. That is, all of their communications (unless explicitly marked) are in-character. Please keep this in mind when communicating. As a policy, Electus Matari only requires that communications within Alliance chat and to external parties in public remain in-character. However, we do expect that members make a best-effort attempt at being in character on the forums.

What we mean by RP

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